Skills & Business Visas

If you are considering relocating to Australia, the most crucial element is for you to sort out your visa for Australia.  Making a visa application can be daunting and can get very complicated.
Just Migration can help you chose the most appropriate visa for you.  In preparing your visa application, Just Migration will guide you through the whole visa application process every step of the way.
The most important tip in making a visa application is for you to be organised.  Just Migration will help you to work through the process systematically.  All the required boxes (i.e. legal requirements) need to be ticked off, if this is done, you should be granted a visa.  This is where Just Migration can help you.  You will have access to our simple and comprehensive checklists.  All you need to do is to follow our guidance at every step and arrange the required information and documentation in accordance to the check list.
Please click below to view one of our checklists.

Click Here For Sample Checklist

Possible Visas

You may be eligible for one of the following visa options:
•    Point tested skilled visas
•    Employer sponsored visas
•    Business Owner visas
•    Significant investment visa
•    Family stream visas

How The Just Migration Process Works


First, you should go to the DIBP website and do some homework to find which visas you might be eligible for.


Contact Just Migration to organise a 30 minute initial meeting so we can get to know you and discuss your situation.


Based on your introduction meeting, you can decide if you’d like to go ahead for an initial consultation for AUD $150.
After that initial consult you should have a good understanding of the process and be fairly clear on what course of action you need to take and the options available to you.
If you are happy to work with us, we can then enter into a client agreement setting out the terms and conditions of engagement.
Once you have engaged us to act for you as your migration agents, we will then guide you step by step through the entire process.


The application can take some time, but before you know it you’ll be on that plane on your way to your new home in Australia!