If you face any of the issues outlined below, we strongly advise you to seek our assistance as soon as possible.  Advice from highly experienced and skilled professionals cannot be underestimated.  We at Just Migration are able to offer solutions to very complex problems because of our extensive experience dealing with these common problems.

If, for example you entered Australia as a holder of a Woman at Risk visa subclass 204 or were a dependent when you came, be very careful when seeking advice on applying for a partner visa.  The law and policy relating to sponsorship limitations, is very complex.  You may not be able to sponsor your partner even if you are married or they are the father of your child!  Not only could you risk the application being refused, you may also be putting your own visa at risk.

If you are making a new visa application and the information you are providing does not match what you told the Department of Immigration previously, you could be facing a very serious problem.

Regardless of the reasons why it is not the same, it needs to be addressed.  If left unexplained, not only can the application be refused, but your visa could be cancelled.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Obtaining evidentiary documents can be challenging, especially if you are relying on other people to provide them for you.

If you have either knowingly or inadvertently submitted falsified documents or provided misleading information to the Department of Immigration you need immediate help.  Regardless of who is at fault, the applicants could have a grant bar placed on them under the Public Interest Criterion 4020 (PIC 4020) and the application will be refused.

PIC 4020 is a notoriously difficult part of the Migration Regulations.  It can be devastating especially if the applicants are orphan relatives and the ban results in them never being able to reapply for that subclass of visa!