If You Or Your Family Need Help With Migration, You’re In The Right Place. Below Are Some Of The Ways We Can Help You.

Tribunal Appeals

All our migration agents are qualified lawyers.  We could take your appeal all the way to the High Court of Australia if necessary.

If your application has been refused or your visa has been cancelled, you must lodge an appeal within the prescribed period; otherwise, you will lose your right to review the decision.

Our extensive experience and expertise in this area has resulted in a number of successful outcomes.

Family Re-union

If you are eligible for a family stream visa; a partner, child, orphan relative, remaining relative, parent, aged dependent, the prospects of success are usually pretty good.

However, if the visa applicant is coming from a conflict area or they are otherwise unable to provide sufficient documentary evidence this can be a major stumbling block.  

Just Migration specialises in helping people, including refugee migrants to navigate through the application process.

Refugee Visa

Many more applications are made under the Special Humanitarian Programme (SHP) each year than visas available.  Only applicants with a close family member proposer in Australia and compelling circumstances are likely to be successful.

This is why highly specialised advice is required.  Just Migration has extensive experience dealing with applicants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  

Protection Visa

Preparation of protection visas can be highly technical.  If you are in Australia and wish to apply for protection (or asylum) there are three types of protection visas available:

1.    Protection visa – for people who arrived in Australia lawfully;
2.    Temporary Protection visa – for people who arrived in Australia illegally; and
3.    Safe Haven Enterprise visa – for people who arrived in Australia illegally and intend to work and/or study in regional Australia.

Just Migration has extensive experience preparing onshore protection visas.  We have assisted applicants from Zimbabwe, Burundi, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, PNG, Iran, Iraq and China in preparing onshore protection applications.  To maximize your prospects of success you need the skill and expertise we can provide.  

Family / Domestic Violence Provisions

These provisions are intended to ensure that visa applicants do not remain in abusive relationships because they believe they may be forced to leave Australia if they end their relationship.

You must prove that the relationship was genuine until it ceased and that the family violence took place during the relationship.  However, it is not necessary to show that the relationship ended due to family/domestic violence.

A person who satisfies the provisions can still gain permanent residence even though the relationship with their Australian sponsor has ended.  This is why you need specialised migration assistance.

Just Migration has assisted both male and female victims of family/domestic violence to achieve this.

Skilled or Business based Visas

If family or loved ones are skilled or have business experience with financial resources, they may be eligible to apply for a skilled or business based visas.  

Just Migration has the experience to help you to achieve your goals.  

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